Have you got too much stuff?

I certainly used to. So I started my own declutter journey by selling a pair of shoes online and my addiction began.Not only did I appreciate the extra income, I made space AND it felt great. 

I now help people declutter which helps them own their space again, not only their physical space but their mental space too.

I'm interested in hearing from people who might be overwhelmed by their clutter and are keen to make a start on living 'stuff free.'

I'll share what I learn and you'll be in prime position to receive tips on what to get rid of and how to do it.

Declutterer in Chief, Tash

Take my stuff away!
How cluttered are your cupboards?

How frustrated are you by your clutter?

How often do you sort out your cupboards?

How many items of clothing do you use at least once a month?

Have you ever sold any of your belongings?

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